Translation: A Blessing and a Curse

Although translation is one of the most fascinating and interesting parts of literature, not many people know the reality behind the translation wall.  First it is important to mention that within the translation world, there is a great deal of attention to how the translation is done, and how the translator makes presence of himself throughout the work. Second, most of the time when a translation is done, the person who gets all the credit and authorship of the work is the original author and the translator is forgotten as a side note to the whole new text created.

In order to further analyze translation, two examples of great literary importance have been made part of this discussion.  First, Chaucer’s “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is presented to explore and explain how a Middle English work is transformed, changed and tailored to the modern reader in Modern English.  Secondly, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz’s short story, “The House of Desires,” is introduced to explain how a text written in another language, Spanish, has been translated into Modern English to show the development of other cultures and their importance to the literary world.

This discussion explains how society as we know it and its literary world would not be the same if it was not through the help and dedication of translators who have made it their career to transcend time and space in order to bring forth the fruits of our predecessors.  Furthermore this discussion teaches us that literature and translation are two interconnected specialties that grow, improve and develop together for the benefit of the great literary world.


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