Who Knew Text Books Would Be Useful

By: Megan D. Davis

When sitting in the classroom, a student views the teacher as having the easiest job because the answers are written in the book for them and they assign papers instead of composing them. However, what they do not know the rules and guidelines that teachers are told they must follow in order to create the “proper” classroom environment. In his book “Bridging English” Joseph O’ Beirne Milner provides these rules and guidelines along with other techniques that will assist English/Literature teachers. Some of the information seems redundant and common knowledge, it is useful that does not just apply to English teachers but some of the chapters apply to other teachers as well. Chapter is all about different ways to instruct and explains the many ways students learn, four organizational structures, and the use of technology. Though, after this chapter the instructions are more focused on English teachers and how to present poetry, drama, and composition to their students.

Currently, as a student, this book blends in with my other text books and is not one that I would pick up for some light reading. However, while reading it for assignments, I realized how vital it would be once I entered the classroom as a teacher. Along with the different ways to teach multiple genres, Milner’s book also provides instructions on how to construct a lesson plan, a unit plan, and plans for the whole curriculum. The final chapters are all about how to better oneself as a teacher and become comfortable in the classroom. This acts as a way to teach yourself how to be an efficient teacher. While it may sound ridiculous to define yourself as a teacher and do self-evaluations, this may open your eyes to an aspect of your character that would have otherwise remained unnoticed. Also this aspect may be something that is helping or hurting your teaching style. If it is hurting your style then noticing it gives you the opportunity to alter it into a helpful aspect. Therefore, while reading a text book is boring, this one contains information that actually is helpful and will come in handy in my future.


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